Barrel-aged Beer

Barrel-aged Beer

The beer has become a very common thing in our lives. The trippy feel that it gives is one thing that most of enjoy. The special thing about beer is that it can be a part of any gathering. No one can deny the fact that beer can elevate the spirit of any gathering especially the informal ones.

Most of us are very much used to the normal bottled beers. But the popularity of another beer is increasing day by day. It is the Barrel Aged Beer. As the name states, these are specialty beers that are aged in wooden barrels. Preserving and aging them in the naturally produced wooden barrels and very good impacts on the quality and also in the taste of the beer, this some chemical reactions with the wood. Faust Holzfassgereifter Eisbock and Bush Prestige are some of the big brands when it comes to Barrel-aged Beer. Thanks to sites like you can now age your beer or whiskey easily at home, with a mini whiskey barrel or a whiskey making kit.  Here are some facts about barrel aged beer.

The Style:

When it comes to barrel aging, there are no restrictions. Any type of beer can barrel aged. It is best suited for producing beer with high alcohol content and also strong flavors. The barrel aging gives a very different feel to the beer. The bottled beer and the barrel beer are not the same kinds. If you are someone who can handle some very powerful alcohol, a pint of barrel aged beer would definitely suit you.


Barrel Type:
If you are willing to age the beer in barrels, the first thing you need to decide is the type of barrel. Oak barrels are most commonly available barrel. If your barrel is new, the first thing that you need to do is wash the barrels. The washing process eliminates the dirt and the microorganisms in the barrel. If the barrel is already used then, there is no necessity for cleaning. The cleaning is not necessary is already used barrels because the alcohols have a sterilizing effect on the barrel.

The barrel Size:

The barrel size plays a very important role. There once a time when the least capable of the barrels was five gallons. But times have changed. Some distilleries have started selling used barrels to the public both in person and through online. As little as one-liter barrels are available. The smaller the barrel, the faster the process.

Time and temperature:

The important parameters that need to consider while aging a beer are the time and the temperature. It all depends on the flavor of the beer that you want. If you are opting for bourbon and wood notes aging them for one to two months is enough. If you want something like deep vanilla, it will take at least six to twelve months.
As far as the temperature is concerned, it is better to store them between fifty to sixty degrees. The temperature variations can cause the wood to expand.

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